Safety equipment :

  • 7 lifejackets
  • a bailing scoop
  • a fire extinguisher
  • a telescopic paddle
  • a ladder (to hang on one of the three cleats)
  • an anchor (to be attached to the front of the boat) 
  • one light device per person (flashlights) 
  • vessel registration card (to be presented in case of control with the lease agreement).

Safety and use of the boat

To start the boat :

  • activate the circuit breaker bu turning it to the right
  • put the throttle in neutral 
  • turn the On/OFF button to the on position

Maneuver man overboard : 

  • In case of a man overboard, turn around and approch him slowly 
  • neutral, stop the boat and remove the circuit breaker
  • install the ladder and help the person to clim aboard

Battery issue : 

  • In case of fire, locate source of heart and use the extinguisher (the battery cover is located at the middle of the boat under the center seat)
  • in the event of a breakdown, notify the renter immediately by phone on the 06 65 76 08 97
  • the rich a buoy with help of your paddle otherwise, drop the anchor

Navigation rules

Do not approach the old bridge of Saint Goustan,
strong currents DANGER !

Do not enter the mud zones, so as not to run aground
Swimming is FORBIDDEN!
Head on encounters require each boat to steer right (starboard), and overtaking is done on the left, as in French car.
Generally, navigate in the middle of the channel and respect the advised road depending on your navigation time.

On the way out, pass to the right of the green sticks and buoys, back to the left

On your way out, pass to the left of all the red sticks and buoys, back to the right

A boat cannot brake. Anticipate obstacles and, if necessary, use astern to brake or stop.
The boats are very maneuverable and do not have priority over others boats, be courteous.
Respect equipment and other users.
Don’t throw anything in the water and take your garbage with you.
The company Ty Bagou relives itself of any responsibilities in case of non compliance with the rules of safety and navigation.

Ride 1H - Auray river

When living the port, pass on the right ( starboard) of the moored boats, and on the left (port) when returning.

Stay away from the shore. Follow the green sticks, staying to the right when living and left when returning.

Do not approach within 20m of the channel sticks. 

After the green sticks, when leaving, keep left of the red sticks and the César buoys, after, keep them right when returning.
Do not approch within 20m of the chanel sticks.


Boat trip 2 hours - Bono river

After passing the Cesar buoy, pass between the two rows of mooring buoys, pass well to the left of the green sticks and the southern cardinal marker. 

When entering the Bono river, keep to your right leaving the two lines of mooring buoys to your left

Head towards the pontoon at the entrance of the port of le Bono just pass the firts bridge. 

After passing the second bridge, at the entrance of the boat cemetery bay, navigate between the two mooring lines

Once past the bay, sail to the center of the river, tuen around when you reach the Sainte Avoie chapel on your left.
Be careful to follow the same road on the way back


Ride 3h to 4h - Golfe Of Morbihan

Navigate between the mooting buoys to stay in the middle of the channel.
Stay away from the banks.

Go trough the middle of the two fish farms shown in purple on the map.
Do not sail in Kerdréan Bay.

Continue towards the shipyard Le Borgne. After the two red sticks, be careful of the oyster beds show by black sticks

Once between the two green and red buoys, turn around, end of the course.
CAREFUL!! Strong currents beyond this point, do not exceed this limit!

Pay attention to the time of your return, depending on the wind and current